How to Create a Wendy Darling Costume

If you want to be darling this Halloween, you can be, literally. Dress as Wendy Darling, the girl who makes Tinkerbell jealous in Disney's animated classic "Peter Pan." Achieve the adorable look with a flowing dress and a few simple accessories.

Wear a long sky-blue dress with a full skirt and short puffed sleeves. For contrast, add a bit of royal blue piping around the neck and sleeves. Add a wide royal-blue ribbon around the waist and tie it in a large, eye-catching bow.

Choose dark blue or black ballet flats for shoes. Find light blue tights to match the color of the dress, or wear natural-colored ones.

Pull your hair back into a ponytail and tie it with big bow created with royal blue ribbon. Curl your hair into bouncy ringlets. Part your bangs in the middle and curl them toward your face. If your hair isn't dark brown or long enough to tie back, consider getting a wig to go with the costume.

Powder your skin with a light shade to obtain a porcelain complexion. Complete the look by wearing a pair of vibrant blue contact lenses.

Practice your English accent so you'll be able to convincingly deliver Wendy's trademark line from the song "You Can Fly." ("But Peter, how do we get to Neverland?")

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