How to design a star-shaped costume

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Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are. There won't be any doubt what you are in this astral-inspired costume. Shimmeringly perfect for Christmas celebrations, it could double up for Hallowe'en parties and even pass muster as a starfish at a fancy-dress parade.

It is easy to make, comfortable to wear and adaptable to any size celestial body. Turn it into a simple five-pointed gold star for the kids and a funky falling star for yourself by adding a trail of silver ribbons.

Star light, star bright

Unroll the sheet of foam on the floor. Get the costume-wearer to lie on top of the foam, leaving about 15cm above their head. Draw round their head, shoulders and torso.

Use their silhouette as a guide to draw a star. Start at the top of the foam. Draw a point that leaves at least 6cm of foam at each side of the head. Extend two points over the shoulders and down into each side of the waist. Outline the two final points on the foam.

Cut out the foam star shape. Draw an oval for the face in the top point and cut it out. Cover the front of the star in your chosen fabric. Fold it over the back and secure it with fabric glue. Cut diagonal lines through the fabric over the face hole. Tuck them through the hole and glue down.

Get the wearer to put on a black T-shirt or leotard with black leggings. Stick the hooked side of the velcro across the front at waist height and just below the shoulders. Hold the star up in the right position. Mark where the velcro meets the star. Glue the looped velcro over these marks. Press the star onto the velcroed T-shirt.

Wrap the elastic around the wearer's head so that it is snug but not too tight. Cut the right length and secure it with velcro. Mark where the headband meets the top point of the star and attach it with velcro.

Use fabric glue to stick tinsel to the outline of the star. Create more sparkle by glueing sequins or glitter to the fabric. Use silver or gold facepaint to match the costume.