Can long heavy hair cause headaches?

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Headaches are a very common problem amongst people of all ages. They are the most common pain disorder in children and adolescents, and approximately one third of adults experience them periodically. By learning about the causes of headaches, you can help decrease your chances of getting one.

Tension Headaches

The most common form of headache is called the tension headache. Pain or pressure on both sides of your head, as well as aching at your temple, back of your head and neck are symptoms of a tension headache. According to, experts believe that a change in brain chemicals caused by stress is the main culprit behind tension headaches.

Direct Causes

Direct causes of the common tension headache are typically any activity or occurrence that causes you stress. Therefore, the best way to avoid a headache is to avoid stressful situations when possible and to learn to cope and lessen stress when you can't avoid it. Try to eat and sleep on a regular schedule, work on good posture, exercise regularly and avoid eye strain when possible.

"Ponytail Headaches"

According to Stephen Silberstein, M.D,. the director of the Jefferson Headache Center at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, long, heavy hair can cause headaches. Studies suggest that skin around your scalp, face and ears is often extra sensitive, so heavy hair, a tightly pulled ponytail, tight-fitting hats, headbands and even heavy earrings can lead to a tension headache by irritating the connective tissues in these areas. Try loosing up your ponytail or considering a shorter hairstyle if these headaches continue.