Alternatives to Party Bags

Updated November 21, 2016

Party bags given at the door to guests on the way out of a party usually contains small trinkets for the kids to take home. In most cases, the small toys break easily or get lost in the cracks of the car seat as the kids lose interest. Consider alternatives to the party bag that is longer lasting, relates to the party's theme, or is a fun and functional item the child can really use. The perfect party bag alternative is one that is creative, yet inexpensive.


Provide a tray of a dozen assorted small potted plants or flowers. Set the tray near the door when the kids begin to leave and let the child pick which plant they'd like to take home. Easy plants for kids to grow are succulents or cactus, because they don't require much water. Easy flowers to grow are sunflowers or geraniums. You can link the plant to the party's theme by having each of the kids decorate a small plant pot during the party, and then give them the plant on the way out the door.

Lucky Dip

Collect a bunch of inexpensive toys from the toy store or dollar store; each toy should be less than £3. Wrap them and put them in a pillowcase. When the kids are leaving, have them put their hand in the pillowcase and choose toy at random to take home. It's best to pick toys that are unisex, such as paints, card games, skipping ropes, chalk, bath toys and puzzles. If you'd rather buy gender specific toys, simply separate the boys' and girls' gifts into two different pillowcases.


Look in the clearance section of your local art supply store. There are small do-it-yourself craft kits that make great alternatives to party bags. Giving the kids something they can do when they get home after the party is a gift to the kids and the parents. Inexpensive crafts include colouring posters with markers included, clay kits, beading or jewellery-making, or a piggy bank painting kit. Have the kids decorate T-shirts during the party with the party's theme colours. Then give them a package of fabric markers to take home to continue work on their designs.

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