Finger food ideas for a 50th wedding anniversary party

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A 50th golden wedding anniversary is a milestone in a marriage and calls for a celebration. The couple, after all the years, usually would have a long list of friends who want to offer congratulations, making a formal sit-down affair too expensive for most.

A better idea, and one that will allow the couple to visit and converse with guests, is a cocktail, themed or open house type party. Serving finger foods is ideal because not only will it be less expensive, but you can also provide a wide assortment that will satisfy the pickiest guest.


Appetizers are wonderful finger food for anniversary parties, particularly milestone anniversaries like a 50th. Regardless of whether you are planning a casual or elegant gathering, offer several different appetizers for your guests to nibble. Small pastry shells filled and baked with salmon mousse, cheesy spinach or quiche are perfect. Other ideas for appetizers are French bread pieces topped with mushrooms, herbs and cheese strips, or tiny grilled sandwiches, crusts cut off, and filled with assorted speciality meats and cheeses.


Dips for chips, breads, crackers, fruits and vegetables at a 50th wedding anniversary party can have your guests eagerly wondering which to sample next. Dips made with seafood like crab, shrimp and salmon easily complement your other finger food. Salsas made with fruits instead of the traditional tomato-based salsas are sweet and light. Fondue pots filled with warm dips that your guests can freely submerge bits of bread or fruit into will add variety.


Whether the skewers you use are toothpicks or larger bamboo skewers, fill them with delectable items like seafood, lamb, chicken and beef. Add vegetables or fruit in between the meats that will complement the taste. Offer sweet and sour or herb dips your guests can add to the skewer treats for enhanced flavour.


Most 50th wedding anniversary parties will include a cake, sometimes a large single layer or a tiered similar to a wedding cake. But a cake is not mandatory for the celebration. Whether or not you decide to have an anniversary cake, several platters of finger food sweet treats will be appreciated by your guests. Besides a variety of cookies and candies, small tarts filled with fruits or custards, topped with a dollop of whipped cream will quickly disappear from the platters.