Walking Parade Ideas

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A walking parade is an event in which members of the community gather and walk along a prominent street to celebrate an occasion. It might be a holiday parade, such as for Memorial Day or Independence Day, or it might be for a special event or achievement, such as the local high school football team's winning a state championship. Either way, incorporate some creative ideas into your parade so spectators can enjoy the show.


One thing people watching a parade appreciate is getting a treat to enjoy. Purchase individually wrapped hard candy for members of your organisation to throw while they walk along the parade route. If the parade is taking place in cooler weather, you can throw chocolate pieces, but avoid using chocolate in the summer months because it will melt. Also, mention to the parade organisers that you plan to throw candy so they can be sure there are trash receptacles along the route.

Marching Band

Marching bands can liven up a walking parade. Contact your local middle school and high school bands, or any other marching bands in the community, and invite them to play in the parade. If you are having a specific ceremony during a stop along the parade route, such as laying a wreath, you might request some appropriate music. Space the bands at the front and back of the parade so they will not play over each other.

Youth Organizations

Invite local youth organisations to march in the parade. These might be sports-related, such as the local Little League, or they might be organisations such as the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Ask the youth organisations to dress in their full uniforms to add colour to the parade. This will enable spectators to immediately identify what organisations they are representing. If they have a banner, they can carry that at the front of their organisation's place in the parade.

Local Businesses

Local businesses represent the lifeblood of a community. Whether they are mom-and-pop stores or restaurants, these businesses help create jobs and pay taxes to the city or town. Invite members of local businesses to walk in the parade. They can design T-shirts or wear their work uniforms if appropriate. They can also give out pamphlets or coupons to people watching the parade to help bring in new customers.

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