Appropriate Indian Wedding Gifts

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A traditional Indian wedding is a long ceremony consisting of several different ceremonies and traditions. Some of these involve close friends and family members. An Indian wedding can last for days.

First-time guests at a Hindu wedding should expect an outdoor venue, a vegetarian meal and having to remove their shoes at some point during the service. Many modern Indian couples decide to forgo tradition and throw a shortened, less formal ceremony. Either way, a traditional western wedding gift is commonly acceptable. If you choose to get an Indian wedding present, it will be that much more appreciated.


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Money is a traditional Indian gift for a couple on their wedding day. According to India Marks, auspicious amounts ending in the numerical value of "1" are lucky. Give amounts such as £7, £13, £65 or £130. A check is also acceptable, as well as foreign currencies of money, such as rupees. Put the money into a decorative money envelope and seal it with a silk ribbon or wax seal for a romantic presentation. According to India Marks, avoid solid white and black colours and put the gift in a bright envelope such as red, aqua or violet. Include a personal note to the couple and your best wishes for them on a piece of stationary in the envelope.

Hindu Idols

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In the Hindu religion, small gold and silver idols depicting sculptures of Hindu gods carry great religious significance. According to Gift Ideas Hub, idols of the gods Ganesha and Laksmi represent good energy and are taken as tokens of good luck. These make great wedding presents for guests who are uncomfortable giving money. Any item bearing a depiction of a Hindu god is a welcomed gift at an Indian wedding. Paintings, wall hangings, clothing and glassware are other items that are commonly found bearing Hindu pictures.

Handmade Items

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Like many cultures, the Indian culture takes pride in handmade wares. Give something personal that you created. Sew a blanket, wall hanging, quilt or even a pair of socks for the engaged couple. Put your creativity to work and present the bride with a handmade piece of jewellery. Silver and gold are popular precious metals in wedding presents. Gift Ideas Hub writes that a handmade gift is "a token of your love and appreciation" for the couple. Show the couple that you took the time to investigate their culture and present the bride with a handmade sari. A sari is a traditional Indian dress worn by women.

Traditional Wedding Gifts

The website Aprendiz de Todo reminds worried wedding guests that most Indian couples have embraced western culture to the point where a traditional wedding gift is usually acceptable. Gifts such as dishes, glassware, appliances and electronics are traditional western gifts that are acceptable presents at an Indian wedding. Remember that Hindu's are primarily vegetarian, so avoid gifts that include meat like sausage, pepperoni or jerky.