How to Thaw Doughnuts

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Homemade and bakery doughnuts have a short shelf life -- by the day after they're made, they're already becoming stale. Freezing doughnuts, whether you've made a big batch of doughnuts or purchased more doughnuts than you can eat before they go stale, makes it possible to enjoy them later.

Although any kind of doughnut can be frozen, yeast doughnuts freeze especially well. Before serving your frozen doughnuts, you'll need to thaw them.

Remove the wrapped doughnuts from the freezer. If you are thawing just one from a freezer bag of unwrapped frozen doughnuts, wrap the doughnut with cling film, or place it into a sandwich bag.

Place the wrapped doughnut on a plate at room temperature. Allow at least an hour for the doughnut to thaw.

Microwave the doughnut if you'd like it to be warm. There is no need to thaw the doughnut -- just poke a hole in the wrapping or open the plastic bag and microwave it for 10 to 15 seconds. Microwave one doughnut at a time.

Sprinkle your thawed or heated doughnut with icing sugar or drizzle with icing, if desired.