Confirmation cake decorating ideas

Updated April 09, 2018

Confirmation is an important event in the Christian faith and should be celebrated accordingly. There's no better food to convey congratulations and celebration than a cake, and home bakers should realise that they don't have to rely on store-bought cakes for memorable events such as a confirmation. With a few simple cake-decorating supplies, a bit of time and some creativity, it's possible to make a truly elegant confirmation cake for a friend or loved one. Here are five specific ideas for confirmation cake designs.

Cross Cake

Making a cake in the shape of a cross is a classic choice for confirmation. Bake a 9-inch-by-13-inch or larger sheet cake, then cut away squares and rectangles from the corners to form a large cross shape. Use the cutaway squares and rectangles as leftover desserts, or frost them and serve them along with the cross cake.

Cover a cross cake with butter-cream or fondant icing, and use a small piping bag to pipe thin icing decorations or the words "Congratulations on your Confirmation!"

Bible Cake

Decorating a cake in the shape of a Bible is demonstrative of the celebrant's commitment to a life of faith. Keep a rectangular sheet cake intact and cover it with a thin coat of butter-cream frosting. Then roll out fondant to cover the cake. Work quickly to prevent the fondant from drying before you shape it. Add additional fondant and decorations on top of the first layer to form the shape and look of the Bible. Finally, use fondant to form the words "Holy Bible" and stick them on top of the Bible cake with a small amount of butter-cream frosting or water.

Scene Cake

This cake can depict a scene in the Bible or a scene from the celebrant's life that's significant to him. Cover a cake of any shape with butter-cream or fondant, and use additional fondant or piping bags and tips to decorate the scene. Make people by using fondant like modelling clay and forming it into the shapes you need. Place a plastic grip on top of the cake to hold the celebrant's picture.

Colourful Cake

Most confirmation cakes are white or pastel and elegant-looking, but there's no reason they have to be. Show personality with an eye-catching cake if the person being confirmed likes bright colours or zany designs. Use gel colouring to tint butter-cream or fondant until the colours are deep and rich; then decorate normally. Use a piping bag to write a message of congratulations in script as a finishing touch.

Topped Cake

Order religious cake toppers online or get them at a speciality store. Use the toppers with any of the previous cake ideas or an entirely new one. With a round cake, decorate sparsely around its sides and edges. Pipe a message away from the centre of the cake, and place the religious cake topper in the middle.

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