How to Make a Victorian Home Doll House

cape may Victorian home details image by Jorge Moro from

Your elegant dolls will look right at home in a Victorian home dollhouse. This dollhouse begins with cardboard containers but is dressed up with a fresh coat of easy-to-apply poster paint and some Victorian architectural elements.

The Victorian home was a staple of turn-of-the-century upper class neighbourhood and featured turrets, front porches, peaked entrances and "gingerbread" trim. A library book about the architecture of the Victorian age would give aid when adding the home's final details.

Stack the shoeboxes on top of each other lengthwise, with the open tops facing you. Use the masking tape to secure them together on all sides.

Place the inner cardboard roll from paper towelling next to the boxes and attach it with masking tape to create a turret.

Cut the paper cup in half. Tape one half on the towel roll to serve as a balcony. Tape the other half upside down halfway down the outside of the stacked shoeboxes for a front door porch overhang.

Cut a circle of poster board with a 4-inch diameter. Cut a slit from the edge of the circle to the circle middle. Slide the cut ends together to create a cone. Tape the cone to the top of the turret for a roof.

Cut the poster board the length of the shoebox and 6 inches wide. Bend each long edge 1 inch on each side to create a porch. Tape the porch to the front of the house.

Cut a piece of poster board to measure 3 inches square. Accordion pleat the board every 1/2 inch to make a front door stairway. Tape the stairway to the porch beneath the front door overhang.

Cut a piece of poster board the length of the shoeboxes and twice the width. Fold the poster board piece in half and attach to the top of the top shoebox with tape for a roof.

Draw a front door and windows on the house and the turret. Paint everything pink except the roof, windows and door.

Paint the windows light blue. Paint the door dark blue. Paint the roof grey. Let all paint dry overnight.

Cut the doilies into long strips and glue them to the front door overhang, the front porch, around each window, the top of the balcony and the front edge of the roof to simulate "gingerbread" trim..

Turn the house around to continue the project and create rooms on the inside of the doll house.