David & Goliath Snack Ideas

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David and Goliath themed snacks make fun refreshments for a party or Bible reading time. Choose sweet, salty or crispy recipes for kids to enjoy and find ways to tie the David and Goliath theme into the foods with figurines, symbols and other aspects from the story.

Look for cookie-cutter shapes that remind you of symbols from the Bible and ask the kids to help with these culinary creations.

General Snacks

Add a David and Goliath theme to general snacks. Fill a large bowl full of chips and place a smaller bowl of salsa next to the chips. Place stones from outdoors along with a slingshot near the bowls for decoration. David used these tools to bring down the giant. You can also buy Bible figurines to place around snack bowls. Make mini-pizzas and write the names of the Bible characters on the food with olives.

Fruit Snacks

Use cookie cutters to sculpt slabs of pineapple, watermelon and other fruits into biblical symbols or character shapes. Use letter cookie cutters to spell David and the giant's name with fruit and place these on a tray next to Bible character figurines. You can also buy cookie cutters that look like animals from the story, such as donkeys and horses.

Vegetable Snacks

Create a David and the giant theme with vegetable snacks. Cut up cucumber circles and radishes and place these around the border of large oval vegetable tray to symbolise a fighting arena. Place a giant figurine and a small David figurine in the middle of the tray. Surround the outside of the tray with more stones. Create more layers of carrot sticks and other types of vegetables that your kids like. You can also make a tray spelling the characters' names.

Sweet Snacks

Prepare cookies, cupcakes and brownies with a David and Goliath spin. You can write the characters' names on the cookies or use frosting to make stones to resemble the tools David used to take down the giant. Write the names on cupcakes, brownies and other desserts. Gray or black jelly beans will resemble little stones on top of cupcakes. Or mould cookie dough into a Y-shaped slingshot handle, bake, and then tie a long piece of thin black liquorice on both ends to create the sling.