How to Do Embossing Designs With Royal Icing

George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

Using a basic piping technique and a round or writing tip, you can make intricate designs to use on cakes and cookies. These designs can be made in advance, which speeds the process when making large and complex projects like multi-tier wedding cakes. Designs can be printed off on the computer or drawn by hand and then transferred with royal icing onto the cake top.

Draw the design that you wish to put on the cake or cookies on the back side of a sheet of wax or parchment paper with a permanent marker. Wax and parchment paper are partially see-through like tracing paper, making it possible to trace a design from a book or printout if you wish.

Fill a 10-inch icing bag with a royal cream icing in the colour of your choice. Attach the small round or writing tip.

Trace the design you drew on the back of your paper onto the paper's front side with the icing.

Allow the royal icing to dry. The exterior surface of the icing will get a hard crust.

Flip the paper over and press it onto a freshly iced cake or cookie.

Gently lift away the paper leaving the iced piping on the cake.

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