Disney Princess Birthday Cake Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Disney princess parties are all the rage with little girls. Make a cake for your daughter's Disney princess party that is perfect for the occasion, whether she loves Cinderella, Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty," Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" or Ariel from "The Little Mermaid." You can make a cake that is simple or complicated, but either way, the little princesses are sure to love it.


Most people could handle baking and decorating this simple Disney princess cake. Just bake a sheet cake in the birthday girl's favourite flavour. Then, decorate it in a colour that coordinates with the rest of the party decorations, such as pink or purple. Next, decorate the cake with items you can pick up at a local party store or speciality baking shop. Select a large plastic tiara for the centre of the cake. All around it, place plastic Disney princess figurines. Choose an assorted mix of different Disney princesses or just the one the birthday girl likes the best. Be sure the items you choose are meant to be used with food.


Make the Disney princesses' castle. Bake two square cakes and stack one on top of the other with icing between them. Then, place a smaller round cake on top to create a turret for the castle. On each of the four corners of the square section and on the very top of the round cake, place an upside-down ice cream cone to create the castle's towers. Frost the whole thing in a colour that coordinates with the other party decor. If you want, pipe green vines and flowers running down from the towers. Place Disney princess figurines at the base of the castle to tie the whole cake to the party's theme.


Let the birthday girl choose her favourite Disney princess and then make a cake that resembles her. For this three-dimensional cake, you need a plastic princess doll, much like a Barbie doll. Bake the cake in a large dome-shaped cake pan. If you can't find such a pan, use an oven-safe glass bowl. When the cake is done and cooled, turn it upside down so that the largest part is on the bottom. The cake will form the skirt of the Disney princess gown. Next, remove the doll's clothes and push its feet down into the cake until it is submerged to the waist. Using a photo of the Disney princess, frost the cake so that it looks like the princess's dress. Continue frosting directly onto the princess doll to create the top part of the dress.


Make Disney princess cupcakes rather than a traditional cake. Frost the cupcakes in an assortment of colours that match the princesses gowns. For example, for Belle, frost the cupcakes yellow, and for Cinderella, choose blue frosting. Select an assortment of Disney princess plastic rings at a party store. Wash them thoroughly. Then, place a ring on each cupcake. Put a Belle ring on the yellow cupcake, and so on. The little girls can take the rings home with them.

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