Cub scout cake decorating ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Cub Scouts offers young boys an organisation through which they engage in a variety of activities. Camping, pinewood derby, Blue and Gold banquets and community service projects help Cub Scouts learn about the world around them and have fun. These activities provide inspiration for Cub Scout cake decorating ideas that can be used to bake a celebratory cake for the annual Blue and Gold banquet in February.

Make a Wolf Head Cake

Create a wolf's head cake similar to the Cub Scout Wolf logo. This can be done with an animal head-shaped cake pan and a single cupcake. After baking the cake and the cupcake, remove the ears from the animal and move them higher up on the head to resemble a wolf. The cupcake is placed just below the chin of the animal cake to serve as a mouth. Frost the entire cake with grey icing to hide the joints between the moved ears and the cupcake and cake. The wolf cake should be made for older Cub Scouts who are at the Wolf level.

Use Matching Color Themes

Bake a simple cake and decorate it with blue and gold icing. This cake fits wells with the scouting colours thematic of the annual Blue and Gold banquet. Other images from Cub Scouts, such as the logo, pinewood derby car or camping supplies, can be incorporated into the blue and gold-themed cake.

Pinewood Derby Cake

Use a car-shaped cake pan to make a cake for the annual pinewood derby. The most popular of all the forms of derbies held by Cub Scouts, the pinewood derby is an event for both parents and scouts. Bake a cake in a well-greased and floured car-shaped pan. Let cool and turn out onto a surface to decorate as desired. The cake can reflect the colours used by the Cub Scout on his real pinewood derby car design, if desired.

Camping-Themed Cake

On a rectangular cake, frost the top with green icing for grass. Lay a piece of fruit leather cut into an uneven circle on top of the cake to create a small pond or lake. Break a full graham cracker sheet in half and place the two halves on top of the cake to create a triangle for a tent. Icing applied to the graham crackers helps them to stick together. Upside-down ice cream cones covered in green icing create evergreen trees at the "campsite."

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