Sweet 16 Playboy Bunny Party Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Sweet 16 is a milestone birthday one never forgets. From the theme and guest list to the decorations and food, a 16-year-old's birthday is one of their first opportunities to define who they are, their interests and their uniqueness to their friends and family. Throwing a Sweet 16 Playboy Bunny birthday party is the opportunity to showcase both their maturity and creativity by weaving a traditionally more adult theme into a young adult party.

Playboy Bunny Cake

A birthday party is not a birthday party without cake. Incorporate the Playboy bunny theme with the creation of a Playboy bunny-shaped birthday cake. Often, Playboy bunny tins can be purchased at novelty stores or online. Purchase one Playboy bunny cake pan in addition to cake mix materials, frosting and a black icing pen. Bake the cake and, when it cools, frost it. Frosting suggestions would be white or pink frosting. Use the black icing pen to line the outline of the Playboy bunny shape. Display the Playboy bunny cake for all to see upon arrival. It will be a delicious centrepiece that will aid in setting the Playboy bunny theme.

Playboy Bunny Costume

Encourage guests of your 16th Playboy bunny birthday to dress in character. Girls can create their own Playboy bunny costume by wearing a black leotard, nylons, white bunny ears and affixing a white bunny tale. Boys can dress as Playboy founder Hugh Hefner by wearing a shiny robe over their clothes and slippers. Playboy also sells a variety of clothing merchandise online and at select retailers. For those wanting to dress a bit more conservatively, they can purchase a T-shirt, tank top, zip-up sweatshirt, sweatpants or shorts.

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