Color ideas for painting a kitchen

Updated April 17, 2017

Paint can transform a kitchen without costing you a fortune. The colours you select can make the space feel light and airy or moody like your favourite coffee shop. Use coordinating paint on the walls cabinets and even on some types of flooring for a complete kitchen renovation.

Theme and Wall Colors

Transform your basic kitchen into a theme room with paint. Green and white creates a retro kitchen. You can even make a worn wood floor look like tile with a checkerboard pattern. Use blue and white checks for a cottage space. A black and white kitchen can have an Edwardian or modern feeling. Black walls with white cabinets create a striking effect. A country kitchen may include cream cabinets, yellow walls and an island painted in a different colour like sage. Base the colour palette around your favourite food like chocolate brown or tomato red.

Kitchen paint can work with existing features in the room. Bring out colours in your granite to showcase your favourite material. Black cabinets make stainless steel appliances stand out. A neutral kitchen in cream and taupe will appeal to a wide variety of people and work with different stone and wood elements. If you don't want to paint the cabinetry and walls, spice up a neutral kitchen with a red pantry door or sage French door.

Cabinet Colors

Paint is an inexpensive way to salvage outdated kitchen cabinets. White is a traditional paint colour for cabinetry and even works in a vintage style with a black and white checked floor. Try white paint if you have white appliances and want the fridge and stove to blend in and make the space feel bigger. Light colours can also be daring. Paint the cabinets a sunny yellow if your room doesn't get a lot of light. It will really make a dark wood floor island or butcher-block countertop stand out. Paint yellow cabinets with an antique glaze to fit in a Tuscan room. If you want to make a statement with your cabinets, try blue. Pull the exact cabinet colour out of Spanish tile for cabinets that pop.

Look to natural paint colours for an area that blends in with the outside. Try a slate blue or grey for muted cabinets that bring in modern colour. Green cabinets can be pale and have a cottage feel or try a bright lime green for a contemporary space. If you want wood cabinets but need to work with your existing kitchen, try chocolate brown or taupe paint.

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