Which paint color goes with gray carpet?

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If you've just moved into a home that has grey carpeting, or have been trying to figure out how to make the grey carpet in your bedroom or living room look its best, there are plenty of colours to choose from that will make your space come alive. The colour you choose to accent your grey carpet should reflect your personality, as well as the type of feeling that you want guests to experience when they enter the room.


Gray carpet that is a deep or charcoal variety complements purple walls well. Bold hues of purple, such as eggplant or aubergine, make the grey carpet classy and understated, and you can accent the room with furniture in both grey and purple shades. For instance, a grey couch in a slightly lighter hue than the carpet is ideal, and, if the main wall of the room is painted aubergine, the throw pillows for the couch can feature lighter shades of purple like lavender. A purple armchair or lamp also stands out against a grey carpet to complete the look.


Yellow complements grey carpet of a lighter hue and looks attractive in spaces like the baby's nursery. Use pastel yellow to decorate the main wall of the nursery; yellow linen looks whimsical and bright in a room that has grey carpeting. For a more sophisticated grey and yellow design scheme in areas like the living room or den, use a slightly bolder variety of yellow to decorate the main wall or borders of the wall. Yellow is best paired with grey carpet that is slightly darker.


For a room that promotes renewal and relaxation, pair grey carpet with green walls. Dark grey carpet goes well with a kelly green accent wall; lighter shades of grey complement pistachio or sea foam green-coloured walls nicely. Gray furniture works well in a room with this decor scheme as well; a dark grey chaise with a green throw blanket or an understated grey reading chair with a green throw pillow makes the grey carpet and green accent wall especially eye-catching.

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