How to decorate with slate blue and sage green

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Create a tranquil look for the interior of your home by combining the colours slate blue and sage green. Blue and green are calming colours and evoke the feeling of being in nature. These colours are ideal for use in any room of the home -- from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Since sage green is the lighter of the two hues and will help to open up a space, use it as the main colour and use slate blue as an accent. These colours are ideal for creating a rustic look.

Paint the walls. Painting the walls sets the tone for a room. Paint the bulk of the wall space sage green. Reserve slate blue as an accent colour to highlight architectural features -- such as arches and moulding. You could also paint a focal wall slate blue -- the wall that will house the bed or a sofa.

Frame the walls and ceiling. To create a rustic look that works well with these two colours, frame out the walls and ceiling with two-by-fours. Before hanging the two-by-fours, give them an aged look by gently banging them with a hammer.

Incorporate blue slate. The colour slate blue gets its name from this material, so it's fitting to feature the material in the room you are decorating. Use the slate on a fireplace surround, as flooring or as a back splash.

Accessorise the room. Accessories put the finishing touches on a room. Use a combination of slate blue and sage green accessories -- throw blankets, curtains, vases and lamps, for example. While this colour combination is serene, using too much of it can become monotonous. To break up the colours, bring in other neutral-coloured accessories. Chocolate brown, beige, cream and silver are all hues that will work well with the main colour palette.