Colours that go with aubergine and teal

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At first, aubergine and teal might seem an unlikely pair. Aubergine, a relaxing colour that has been associated with royalty, and teal, a vibrant colour named after a duck, actually work quite well together. Aubergine is a dark, warm shade of purple, and teal is a deep, rich shade of aqua.

They can be combined in several ways producing many different looks. A variety of other colours further complement this duo, creating a seemingly endless number of colours schemes to choose from for interior decorating.


Teal can accent dark red and aubergine. A dark red leather sofa with teal pillows against an aubergine accent wall is a bold use of this colour combination. Bright red and teal can highlight aubergine. An example is bright red pillows on an aubergine sofa with teal decorative items, such as candles and a vase.

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Teal and aubergine accent bright orange. A playful way to use these colours is demonstrated with a teal door and shutters and an aubergine floor pillow. Teal and aubergine also accent peach. Peach patio walls, with teal lounge chairs, aubergine pillows and an aubergine floor mat is one example of this colour scheme.


Bright yellow goes with aubergine and teal. Just a bit of it serves as an energetic accent for the two colours. An aubergine love seat with bright yellow pillows against a teal accent wall is an example. Aubergine and teal enliven pale yellow, as in a pale yellow room with a teal leather chair and aubergine carpet.


Aubergine and teal offset some of bright green's energy, as in one example of a green wall with aubergine trim and doors and teal decorations, such as picture frames and candles. A touch of lime green with aubergine and teal creates a colourful, contemporary look, as in a room with a lime green pillow on a teal velvet chaise longue with an aubergine rug.


Aubergine and teal go with pale blue as accent colours. One example is a fresh and welcoming bathroom with pale blue walls, aubergine towels and bath mat, and a teal soap dish and mirror frame. Aubergine and teal work well as accent colours for the attention-grabbing electric blue, as illustrated with two cylinder-shaped aubergine pillows, each placed on either ends of a suede electric blue sofa, with a few small, square teal pillows dispersed across it.


Lavender goes with the two colours, with lavender and teal accenting aubergine. An entrance with aubergine walls, a teal wooden bench and lavender decor, like candles and picture frames, is one example. Plum also goes with teal and aubergine. A plum-coloured quilt draped over a teal love seat with an aubergine rug over hardwood floors is a comforting mix of these three colours.


Black can go with teal and eggplant as an accent colour. An example is black wrought iron legs of a glass coffee table with aubergine carpet and a teal sofa. The contrast of black with the two colours creates a classic look, as in a dining room with a black table, black chairs with teal fabric-covered seats, and aubergine carpet.


Teal and eggplant work well as accent colours for chocolate brown. A conservative look is created for a home office, or study, with a chocolate-coloured brown desk chair, an eggplant rug over chocolate brown carpet, and teal accent items, such as a paper weight, picture frame or a candle. Teal and aubergine can also accent an espresso-coloured brown as illustrated with teal pillows and aubergine pillows on an espresso sofa and love seat.


Teal and aubergine add colour and life to off-white. One example is a living room with off-white walls, an off-white couch, aubergine pillows and rug with teal decor, such as a vase and a decorative box. Bright white, teal and aubergine is a refreshing combination. Teal wallpaper on one wall in a bright white bathroom with a white shower curtain, some white hand towels, an aubergine bath mat, a few aubergine bath towels, and a some teal washcloths is an attractive blend of the three colours.