Colour schemes that work with pine

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Pine is a light, attractive wood which blends well with a number of different colour schemes. It is inherently rich in golden undertones. When combined with warm colour schemes, these undertones can be enhanced or, when combined with cool colour schemes, they can be used to create beautiful contrasts.

Living rooms

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Living rooms might be furnished with pine wood flooring, wood paneling on the walls or pine wood skirting boards. Whatever the make-up, it’s a nice idea to work with colour schemes which are designed to intensify the warm qualities of the pine. Rich, golden yellows will bring sunshine into the living area and dark reds will don a living room with a dramatic warmth, particularly when the reds are used in the soft furnishings - the sofa and the cushions, for example.


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Kitchens with pine cabinets or large pine tables as centrepieces work well with light blue colour schemes or variations of the same, such as turquoise or subtle emerald hues. The cool nature of these tones accentuate the bright quality of pine wood and create striking contrasts with the natural warmth that this wood exudes. Cooking in a light, bright and airy kitchen is a pleasure. The more light, the more enjoyable the experience of cooking can be. Breakfast time in airy kitchens is also one of the best ways to get the day off to a good start.


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Pine beds, pine wardrobes and pine wood flooring are just a few examples of the most common elements a bedroom designer might be given to work with. Bedrooms can either be designed to be fresh and airy, so that waking up in the morning is energising, or they can be designed as rich, warm spaces in which to relax at the end of a long, hard day. For bright pine wood bedrooms, neutral colour schemes are best. Whites, creams, silvery grey and soft magnolias are perfect for creating a space designed to cleanse. When combined with velvety purples, dark reds and rich, buttery, earth colours, pine wood bedrooms can convert into the perfect havens for de-stressing at night.


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Pine wood bathrooms are at their very best when appealing to specific colour themes. A nautical theme, combining white and blue stripes with natural elements, like thick, brown ropes and chrome tap furnishings, help to make a pine wood bathroom fun and inviting. Soft green shades which mimic the natural waters of a tropical sea turn a dull, pine wood bathroom into a relaxing scene in a exotic climate, particularly when novelty accessories (like pretty shells as soap dishes) are included in the design. When choosing colour schemes for a pine wood bathroom, allow creativity to shine through and paint with a thematic concept in mind. Pine wood bathrooms are perfect spaces for letting loose and having a little fun.