The best paint colours to go with bronze fixtures

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Bronze fixtures can add a look of timeless class to your bathroom or kitchen, but they need to be backed by complementary decor. Choose paint colours that bring out the richness of your bronze fixtures, rather than those that distract from them or allow them to seem dull and lifeless. For all types of bronze, dark, bold colours work best.

Dark green

Dark green paint brings out the subtle shine of bronze, particularly when it takes its cue from nature, such as a mossy or forest green. Don't worry about making the room seem too dark and heavy with such a deep colour. If you want to brighten the room, use the deep green as an accent wall on the wall nearest the fixtures, then use a lighter shade in the same colour range for your other walls. This choice works best for bronze fixtures that have a bit of green in their patina, which is the coating -- either natural or chemically altered -- on the bronze's surface.


For bronzes with gold, brown or reddish finishes, such as oil-rubbed bronze, colours in the deep red range work well. Choose a bold, deep shade in the wine to mahogany range. This colour works best if used throughout the room, then brightened with light flooring and trim colours if you feel the room is too dark. However, because this is a warm colour, it can make the room feel comfortably cosy rather than overly small.


As with burgundy, this colour works well with gold tone bronzes, but it will also bring out the green in the patina. Choose the deepest shade you can find as either an accent or a full-room treatment. As an accent wall, balance it with lavender to keep the colour theme or ivory to create a brighter look while warming up the colour tones a bit.


Browns can be tricky to find just the right shade, but somewhere between chocolate and terra cotta will accent the right brown for your bronze fixtures. Bring home several swatches and hold them up near the fixtures to see which shades bring out the shine. Balance brown accent walls with khaki or tan, or use the lighter shade on the bottom portions of the walls, then use the dark brown above a strip of mid-wall trim. Always use a satin finish to add a bit of subtle shine to the brown, which will help bring out the shine in your bronze.

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