What colors match with forest green?

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Forest green is a colour that allows for many options when matching or coordinating the colour in your home decor. Forest green allows you to bring in other colours naturally occurring in wooded areas or fields. Another option is to add analogous colours, bringing in shades of blue.

Blending forest green with white can keep a room looking crisp. Point being, with forest green as your base colour, you have many decorating options.

Colours of the Forest

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If you borrow from nature, you will find natural yellows, oranges, rich reds and shades of brown tones common to any forest green colour scheme. Matching colours are those found in a garden, fields, woods or mountains where forest green is a natural predominant colour. Fall leaves, rocks or the shades of wood on trunks of various types of trees are colour inspiration. More vibrant colours are used for accent pieces for pillows or artwork while browns and forest greens are dedicated to foundation pieces, such as flooring and furnishings.

Colours of the Islands

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Analogous colours of forest green are colours found opposite the colour on a professional colour wheel. Shades of blues are opposite forest green, and several shades of those blues are effective when coordinated with forest green. Midnight blue, sky blue or shades of the sea using blue-greens as accent colours all work well with a forest green base. Neutrals blend with your green and blue scheme to offer some balance. Sand brown or even off-white will add to your space as background colours, enhancing the greens and blues. Bring in tropical colours of peach or golden yellow to this scheme to use as pops of accent colour.

Regal Colors

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A completely different way to use the traditionally casual colour of forest green is to make the colour a base for a more formal theme. Make the green feel elegant and old world. Rich golds and soft champagnes blended with small bits of regal red, burgundy or rich navy blue will serve to add dimension and options to this more formal colour palette.