What colours go with beige tiles in a bathroom?

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Beige is a colour that is frequently used for interior decorating. It's simple, gender neutral and forms a blank canvas for many design concepts, such as modern, rustic and natural. Various shades of beige have undertones of red, green and yellow, which you must pay attention to in order to pick matching colours that will create a beautifully decorated bathroom.


Beige tiles can be paired with an assortment of light, delicate colours to give your bathroom a feminine feel. For beige with a pink or red undertone, choose light shades of pink, red or purple to accent it. Beige tiles with orange and yellow undertones pair well with variations of orange and yellow. Pastel yellow is a light, feminine choice for a bathroom that is a reminder of sunshine. Use silver metals for beige shades with red and pink undertones, while bronzes and golds will pop against a yellow or orange colour scheme.


The neutrality and hint of brown in most shades of beige makes it perfect for pairing with colours from nature. Create a natural paradise in your bathroom by pairing beige tiles with rustic, earthy shades of green, orange, dark brown, yellow and red. While beige tiles matched with paint and decorations in browns and yellows recalls the desert, greens and reds create more of a forest feel. You can also reflect one of the seasons in your bathroom; pair beige with silver and red for a winter theme, or greens and pinks for a spring theme.


Beige goes with many hues to create a strong, masculine design. Create a monochromatic colour scheme for your bathroom by simply pairing beige tiles with the colours black and white. This works best for shades of beige with green or orange undertones and creates a sophisticated, classy atmosphere. For a similar feel, match beige with two or three shades of another strong colour, like dark green, purple or yellow. Use minimal, simplistic decorations; this allows the colours to stand out.


Beige tiles can be paired with bright colours to create an eye-catching children's bathroom. Determine the undertone of the beige tiles before choosing the colours, a process in which you can ask for the child's input. Decorate the bathroom with paint, accessories and even a wacky shower curtain in colours such as bright red, neon pink, yellow and green, or bright orange. Consider a character-themed bathroom for very young children, such as Winnie the Pooh, and go for colours associated with that character, like red and yellow.

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