The best paint colour for uneven walls Images

Uneven walls are walls that are not uniformly smooth. For example, they might have small or large bumps or swells on them. Uneven walls can make a room look unfinished or shoddily built, regardless of how chic your decorating scheme is.

Luckily, paint can mask the appearance of uneven walls; however, the paint colour you choose can determine your success.

Dark warm colours

Warm colours are suitable for big rooms as such colours seem to almost jut outwards, filling a space and making it seem cosier. Dark, warm colours have this effect even more. The darkness of their hue naturally masks the uneven appearance of the walls. At the same time, the warmth of the colours gives the appearance of coming towards you and balances out the appearance of bumps and other imperfections. Dark warm colours that are common for interiors are shades like dark red, deep sienna, burnt orange and chocolate brown.

Dark cool colours

Colours like green and blue abound inside homes as these are colours so evocative of nature and often have a soothing effect on a room. However, deeper shades of these colours are just as relaxing, giving a room a quieting effect suitable for libraries and home offices. These dark cool colours often have deeper hues than dark warm colours, allowing them to mask flaws in a wall more effortlessly. For example, dark green shades like evergreen or hunter green can hide an uneven wall rather easily. Similarly, royal blue or deep sapphire blue can work just as well, also giving a room a sophisticated effect.

Textured paint colours

One of the simplest paint solutions for uneven walls is to accentuate the uneven quality by painting your walls in a textured fashion so that every centimere of your walls looks purposely uneven. For example, mix in a texture additive to your standard paint, or apply latex paint with a sponge or perform a painting technique called "tissue papering" so that your walls will have a textured effect when finished. Certain paint colours are more conducive to this strategy than others. For example, colours like warm yellow and deep cream are best as they give your walls a look that is practically European and make the walls seem as if they are of a deliberate Tuscan or French Provencal decorating style.