Places to Take Teenagers for Birthday Parties

Updated April 17, 2017

It is very important to teenagers to have birthday parties that are considered cool to their friends. Simply staying at home, eating cake and playing games will probably not satisfy a teenager. Teens want to go out for a birthday party, and it has to be somewhere they like to go so the teenager's friends will have a good time.

Cosmic Bowling

Many bowling alleys have "midnight bowling" or "cosmic bowling." Games usually begin at midnight; the lights are turned down low; and there are strobe lights, laser lights and glow-in -the-dark bowling bowls that light up the alley. The bowling alley will play loud music for the teens to enjoy while they bowl. Cosmic bowling is a lot more fun than regular bowling, but it can also be more expensive.

Laser Tag

Many towns have a laser tag venue nearby. Two of the more popular laser tag facilities are Q-Zar and Laser Quest. For laser tag, each player wears a vest with laser sensors and carries a gun that shoots lasers. To "kill" an opponent, a player must shoot another player's sensors. Players will score points based on how many kills they get, how many times they are killed and how many times they attack the opponent's base. Some teenagers might like paintball, but laser tag is a much safer alternative. It is also more fun, because players are not eliminated when they are hit in laser tag, they just return to their base to recharge.

Pizza Arcade

Most teenagers enjoy pizza and video games, so an arcade that offers pizza is always a good place for a teen birthday party. It's a good idea to provide the party members with a set number of tokens to play the games. Some arcades will allow parties to reserve the entire arcade and allow the teens to have an unlimited number of games. If that option is not available or is too expensive, then at least provide the teenagers with five to 10 dollars in tokens.

Amusement Park

Amusement parks have fun rides, great shows, arcades and food. Most of the other options are only good for a few hours, but an amusement park trip can last an entire day. Amusement parks are expensive, especially if the party is large, but some amusement parks offer group rates and/or discounts for birthday parties.

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