Car Cake Decorating Ideas

Updated June 26, 2018

The squealing tires and shiny metal of cars appeal to kids of all ages. A car-themed cake satisfies the sweet tooth of any car lover. The cake adds a decorative touch to the food table for a party based on the car theme. Adapt these car cake ideas to fit your cake decorating skills and the overall tone of the car party. Provide your favourite car cake idea to a professional bakery if you prefer to let someone else decorate the cake.


Bake the cake in an oval-shaped cake pan to create a racetrack cake. If an oval cake pan isn't available, bake the cake in a rectangle pan and trim the cake to resemble an oval. Use butter cream icing tinted dark grey to create the track around the top edge of the oval cake. Use icing to draw white lines on the racetrack. Decorate the remaining portions of the cake with green icing to resemble the grass. Add several clean matchbox cars on the cake to create the appearance of a car race. Make racetrack flags out of paper, attaching them to thin wooden dowels. Place the flags into the cake so they stand up and cross each other.

Car Cutout

Bake a sheet cake in any flavour. Create a template of a car from a side view by drawing the picture on a piece of thin cardboard. Cut out the template and place it on top of a cooled cake. Use a knife to cut around the template, removing the template when you are finished. Tint butter cream frosting with food colouring to achieve the desired colour for the car. Ice the entire cake with the frosting. Use chocolate covered doughnuts for the wheels of the car. Use another colour of icing to add windows, doors and other accents to the car cutout cake.

Carved Car Cake

Add a three dimensional look to the cake by carving it into a car shape. Stack three rectangular cakes, using icing between each cake to hold them together. Use any size of cakes, depending on how big you want the cake. Carve away pieces of the cake, using a serrated knife, to create a car shape. Begin with small pieces to avoid carving too much off of the cake. Refer to a toy car for a guide. Cover the carved cake with buttercream icing. Add details to the car using icing or fondant cutouts.

Number Plate

Use a sheet cake for this car-themed cake idea. Decorate the rectangular sheet cake to resemble a number plate. Use your state's number plate as a guide, or decorate the cake in a general number plate theme. Use the birthday child's name as the number plate number. Write the letters with frosting, or roll out a piece of fondant and cut the letters from it.

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