Adult Goodie Bag Party Planning Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Children often bring home goody bags from another child's birthday party. These little cellophane packages, often printed with a cartoon character or party theme, are filled with candy and little toys to thank the guest and serve as a souvenir. There's no reason to restrict this charming custom to children's parties. Jazz up your next adult party by passing out goody bags to your guests.

Spa Party

Send home your spa party guests with spa-themed goody bags. Throw in sample-sized versions of elegant shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers. Add orange sticks, toe separators and bottles of the hottest new nail colour. Guests may welcome a dose of bath oil and an inflatable bath pillow. As an appropriate modification to the cellophane bag, tuck the gifts inside a new make-up pouch.

Cocktail Party

If you're hosting a cocktail or wine-tasting party, add an unexpected touch by heaping goody bags in a bowl by the door and encouraging each guest to take a bag as he takes his leave. Fill the bags with airline-sized bottles of liqueurs, swizzle sticks, small olive jars and a glass bottle topper. Arrange the goody bags to reflect your party's theme. For a casino-style party, add dice, a pack of playing cards and chocolates wrapped as poker chips. Another suitable idea would be to fill each goody bag a pack of gum, mints, a bottle of water and a disposable breathalyzer to help make sure guests are safe to drive home.


Complete a backyard barbecue party with goody bags. A western themed goody bag might contain a shiny sheriff's badge, a bottle of barbecue or hot sauce, toothpicks, and a beer mug shaped like a jelly jar or a cowboy boot. Center everything on a colourful bandanna; wrap and secure with twine. Or convert the goody bag an outdoors survival kit by placing sunglasses, small tubes of insect repellent and sunscreen, a paper fan and a beer-can cosy inside a large-brimmed hat. Throw in a piece of glow-in-the-dark jewellery for fun.

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