Beach Theme Bedroom Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

If you love the feeling of being by the ocean but can't always be there, then maybe you should create a beach-themed bedroom to bring the surf and sand to you. When you think of beaches, you normally think of shells and sunshine. The ocean brings with it a calming effect, and you can have that same feel in your own bedroom. A beach-themed room can be fashioned for an adult or a child.


The colours you choose for your beach bedroom will depend on the style you are looking for. If you are interested in a tropical feel, you may wish to use bright colours such as reds, yellows and greens. If you want more of a nautical feel, then you will want to use rich blues and reds. For a lush ocean scene, choose soft blues and tans to mimic the feel of the sand. Add yellow for a little colour, and use neutral shades for throw rugs and curtains.


Choose bedding that works well with the colours you have chosen for the walls. For boys' rooms, use stripes and bold, solid colours. For girls, try using large, tropical flower prints for the bedding. If the room is for an adult, use neutral shades such as sand and baby blue. Coordinate colours that you normally see at the ocean---to mimic driftwood and shells, use shades of brown and tan. These choices will work well with most shades you have selected for the wall colour.


The accessories you choose will complete the look of a beach bedroom. For boys, you can add surfboards and life preservers to make the room feel more athletic. Girls might opt for this look as well. Add tropical prints, carved ocean animals and shells as knick-knacks around the room. You also can look for lighthouses. Hang a net in the corner filled with shells and an anchor. Natural-coloured furniture fits well into a beach scene. You could even add a lifeguard stand for seating.

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