Hollywood Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Hollywood-themed birthday party foods are a good way to enhance your celebration. Hollywood-themed birthday foods are easy to find or make and allow you to have a distinct menu for your party.

Seeing Stars

The famed Hollywood Walk of Fame is where stars from the past and present have their Hollywood stars. Recreating these stars as a cake or cookies is easy. The stars on the Hollywood Walk are pink marble with dark flecks in them. Make star-shaped sugar cookies and top them with pink icing and chocolate sprinkles.

Cake Ideas

Recreate a Hollywood star for the cake, or create a different Hollywood-themed cake by incorporating other famous images of the city. Dust a white cake with gold sugar flakes and top with a miniature Oscar statue for an award-themed cake. Create a Hollywood landscape on your cake by making a mountain and placing a small version of the Hollywood sign on top.

Celebrity Favorites

Serve bite-size versions of the favourite foods of celebrities at your Hollywood-themed birthday party. For instance, you can create peanut butter and banana sandwiches for Elvis fans or 7-Up and grenadine drinks in honour of Shirley Temple. Have fun exploring the favourite foods of stars and incorporate them into your birthday celebration.

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