60-year-old birthday cake ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Eating cake as part of a birthday celebration is a tradition dating to ancient Greece, according to "History of Birthday Cake" at The addition of candles came later, but it is also attributed to Greeks. Cakes are a special part of any birthday, but it's especially true for a milestone birthday, such as the 60th. A cake for a 60-year-old can send a special birthday message whether or not it includes the telltale number of 60.


The numerals of the person's new age are often a centrepiece for a birthday celebration and can be incorporated into the cake. For a 60-year-old's cake, bake it in the shape of the number, either with specially moulded cake pans or by using a template to cut the numbers from a flat sheet cake. Although 60 candles may jokingly be a fire hazard, a lovely glow can be created by placing them in a six-zero pattern on the cake top. Use frosting to write a message on the cake incorporating the new age, perhaps by writing the number 60 sixty times on the cake.


Although the average American span is well over 60 years, according to Medical News Today, turning 60 can seem and sound old. Many 60th birthday parties, and therefore cakes, will make use of this fact. An over-the-hill cake can be made by creating a mounded cake covered with grass-coloured icing and/or dyed coconut flakes. Create a path across the middle of the "hill" and place a car or another small toy on the downward side to represent the 60-year-old who is now "over the hill."

Complete the one-foot-closer-to-the-grave idea with small plastic tombstones and grim reaper figures, which can be found in party stores, especially around Halloween. Or use icing to draw a vulture, which is a bird known for feeding on dead flesh.

A less morbid cake that still focuses on time dwindling could include a clock face, either piped on with icing or in the form of a real watch added after baking as part of the decoration.

Age Aversion

Not every 60-year-old will like being reminded of her age at the birthday party. If that's the case, choose a cake that doesn't emphasise the number 60. For example, buy or bake a cake that celebrates the era or year in which she was born. Find out what music and movies were popular then and have a cake in that theme. Surreptitiously display the birth year on or near the cake.

Or perhaps you want to avoid the subject of ageing all together and create a cake that celebrates the person's youth. Find out what his first birthday cake was like and recreate it. If he had specific hobbies or interests as a child, make a cake that brings those to mind, such as a favourite TV show or comic book character.

Cupcake Convenience

What 60-year-old wouldn't want five dozen roses, one for each year of his or her life? Using cupcakes, you can deliver that sentiment in cake form. Using a piping bag, frost 60 cupcakes with red icing. Mound the frosting to create the look of rose blooms. Arrange the frosted cupcakes in five groups of 12, and use liquorice as the "stems." Cupcakes will look just as good when arranged on a tower or platter, and as an added bonus, they are convenient: easy to serve and clean up.

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