First Communion Party Favor Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

A child's First Communion is a very special achievement and is often honoured with his or her closest family and friends. Guests typically bring gifts in celebration of this event, and you may want to give a little something in return for their generosity. Party favours are a great way to show appreciation for your guests' love and support.

General Party Favors

Candles are a nice gift that can be personalised for any occasion. Online or party stores will add photos as well as put your child's name, the event, the date and more to the candle to create the perfect favour for your party. Younger guests in attendance may not appreciate mementos unless it caters to their age group. There are a number of websites that offer small religious gifts for children. Try the pictured religious bears (12 bears for £9.70) from Mini rosary beads or pocket-sized Bibles are also appropriate, as they are items that will be of use for years to come.


It is not customary to have party favours for First Communions, but if you must have something, it is fine to go edible. Many times, mementos just become clutter and eventually get thrown out, but with consumable goods, the favours are much more appreciated. Custom-made M&M's are a creative and fun party favour. These chocolate candies are now available for personalisation, up to 8 characters per line. The colour of the occasion is white, so choosing this for the colour of the M&M's as well will help to personalise the gift even more. Consider writing "Congrats," "You did it!" or the date of the communion on the candy. Also, it is now possible to use your own photos as well. Your child will get a kick out of seeing his face on an M&M candy.


Holy Cross cookies or chocolate lollipops can make this wonderful event even sweeter. Cross-shaped cookie cutters are available on many religious websites. Simply make your favourite kind of cookie, cut out the cross shape and frost. Lollipops are just as easy, but they require cross-shaped moulds as well as lollipop sticks. Melt a chocolate bar in a microwaveable bowl, and pour into the moulds. Once all moulds are filled, place the lollipop sticks at the base of each lollipop, and freeze until it has set.

If you are a whizz in the kitchen, consider making scripture cookies. They are the same as fortune cookies, but instead of fortunes hidden inside, you can write verses from the Bible. These work both as a party favour and as a finger food during the party. Recipes can be found on the Food Network website, and tutorials are available on YouTube (see Resources).

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