Fairy Garden Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Is there anything more enchanting or delightful in the world of fantasy than fairies? For a romantic and dreamy display, it's easy to make a fairy garden or dedicate a portion of your garden to decorating around the theme of these delicate, beautiful creatures. But don't be surprised if on a balmy midsummer's night you might hear the sound of tinkling laughter or catch a glimpse of flitting wings in the moonlight.

Planning Your Space

When planning your planting, don't worry about being too meticulous. Try to mirror nature: wild and random. Think about a cottage-style gardens, in which different plants of varying heights and colours are incorporated into the space, with small pathways that wind through them.

When making a fairy garden, plan your space so that it has little nooks and secret spots where you can create miniature displays. Also make spots available for places where fairies might hide: old hollow logs, piles of rocks or some old weathered pottery turned on its side.

Think about incorporating a water feature, such as a small fountain, waterfall or miniature stream that runs through the garden to create the feeling of lush countryside. Additionally, plan to space out some soft glowing solar lanterns to illuminate the garden gently in the evening.

Choosing Plants

Any kind of plants with bright colours and nectar that would attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds make good choices for a fairy garden. Some ideas are foxglove, roses and cone flowers. Sweet-smelling herbs such as thyme, rosemary or mint also make excellent choices. Fruits such as miniature wild strawberries, cherry tomatoes or berry bushes are a tasty addition.

Consider not just what the garden will be like in the daytime, but also at night. After all, fairies do like to frolic under the moonlight. Think about incorporating plants with blossoms that open at night, such as moonflowers. Night-blooming jasmine is a good choice because it releases its sweet scent in the evenings. Plants that look silvery and seem to glow in moonlight, such as lambs ear and dusty miller, can really make the garden stand out even when the sun has set.

Structures and Decor

Fill the little spaces you left in your garden plan with homes and furniture for fairies. Little miniature houses can be made out of natural materials, such as twigs, bark, Spanish moss and dried brush. If you don't feel like crafting one yourself, use bird houses or small doll houses painted with pastels or sparkly paint. To make them look more part of the natural landscape, glue some moss or bark onto them or plant them near vines that will grow over it to half hide it from sight.

Little wooden bridges over streams and stepping stones that go through paths too small for humans make a nice touch. Consider using some dollhouse furniture, such as little tables and chairs, for outdoor "lounging" places.

Other embellishments that make the fairy garden look pretty are things like pinwheels, garden gnomes, and various lawn ornaments featuring woodland creatures or insects. Anything with shiny stones or that makes soft tinkling sounds, such as bells or wind chimes, can complete the mood.


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