Brown & teal ideas for a living room design

Updated February 21, 2017

The colour combination of brown and teal has become a popular trend in home decorating. When using these colours to design a living room, keep proportion, placement and space in mind to keep the room from becoming overwhelming and unbalanced.

Wall Color

When choosing a wall colour in a brown and teal living room, go with a neutral shade. Options include beige, light tan, off white, pale aqua and muted mocha. Bold shades of teal and brown are best left for accents and decor; a bright aqua wall can be overstimulating, and a dark brown wall can make your living room seem smaller. To add more colour, you can paint a brown or teal border onto your wall, or add a wall cling in a motif that matches the rest of the items in your living room.

Large Furniture

Large furniture items, such as coffee tables, couches, entertainment centres and large shelving units should all be of the same shade. Finding brown furniture is much easier than finding teal items. Also, having your large furniture in brown will keep the room from seeming too loud and unbalanced. If you are set on having teal furniture, your best bet will be to buy unfinished furniture, paint it, and upholster your couches and chairs in the same shade of teal.

Accents and D├ęcor

The place to be creative with a teal and brown living room is in the accessories and decorative accents. To get a designer look, choose at least three different shades of teal---a light or pale teal, a medium hue (this will be the prominent shade of teal used when you decorate) and a deeper or brighter teal. Do the same with your brown colours---your main shade will be the one you used for your large furniture. Since this is a popular colour combination, there is an endless array of items available in this colour scheme, including pillows, throws, picture frames, vases and decorative plates, wall paintings and posters, decorative pebbles and stones, and window treatments.


To keep your living room from becoming unbalanced, choose up to two design patterns for your decor. For example, you may want to choose one swirl pattern for your pillows, a striped pattern for your throws or table runner, and solid colours for your picture frames and vases. Doing this will add visual interest and break up the solid teal and brown colours.

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