Ideas to hide bad ceilings

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A ceiling in many indoor spaces can often go unnoticed, unless there is a problem with it. Whether it's unsightly water damage, cracks or just unattractive textured stucco, you may be looking for ways to cover up your ceilings and enhance the look of your indoor space. Covering up is not a permanent solution but you can disguise the unsightly features that detract from the beauty of your room for a fraction of the cost of completely replacing or restoring your ceiling.


If you do not like the colour of your ceiling, a coat of paint can be just the trick but painting to cover water damage or mould is not the best solution. However, if you are simple hiding unsightly discolourations, paint can be all you need. Use a simple coat of paint to match the other ceilings in your home, or take this opportunity to add a punch of drama to the space with a vibrant colour.

Textured Treatment

If your ceiling is misshapen or features strange patchwork, a textured treatment is your best option for hiding inconsistencies. "Popcorn" ceiling comes from splattering plaster on the ceiling in a bumpy pattern that resembles popcorn kernels. Another way to use plaster to disguise inconsistencies is to spray plaster on the ceiling and smooth it into a textured pattern with a sponge, textured roller or rag.


To provide more insulation and hide an ugly ceiling, fabric can be just the option you need. It is unlikely that you will find a single piece of fabric that will completely cover your ceiling, so you apply fabric in sections to the ceiling. Hide seam lines with ribbon or piping. For a long-term option, staple the fabric in place. For a solution that is easy to remove, dip the fabric in a fabric starch and use as an adhesive to stick to the ceiling. Lightweight fabrics work best for this project.


Wallpaper does not have to be just for covering walls. It can add instant presence to your interior space if you put it on the ceiling. This option can detract from unsightly ceilings while providing an interesting design element. Choose a wallpaper with self-adhesive backing or apply a water-activated paste to the back of the paper before applying.

Drop Ceiling

Commonly seen in areas such as offices and classrooms, drop ceilings are synthetic board tiles held in place with metal brackets. You can install these brackets below your ugly ceiling to hide discolouration and damage.

Ceiling Medallions

If you only have one area on your ceiling that you want to cover, decorative ceiling medallions are an attractive choice. These go in the centre of your ceiling. They look especially decorative surrounding ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. A more affordable way to get this look is with by painting a mural or stencil to mimic the look of a ceiling medallion.

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