Cars Birthday Cake Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Birthday cakes now come in such a wide variety of shapes and colours that design ideas are nearly unlimited. Cars are a popular style of birthday cake for boys and girls. You can also utilise car-type birthday cakes to hint at a particular birthday present.

Stylish Car Cakes for Boys and Girls

Car birthday cakes are very popular among boys. Race cars are one of the top-selling types of cakes. You can have a race car designed with a boy's name on the side, as many race-car drivers' cars are design. You can also get a tiny, look-a-like replica of a child and sit him inside a race-car shaped cake.

Girls tend to like the stylised sports car in bright pinks and shades of lighter blues and greens, decorated with flowers or designed with pictures of a favourite pop star or TV actor.

Designing Cakes

Cakes can be made from a mould for a car or cut from two layers of cake put together. The base the cake rests on can be decorated like a road. You can colour in wheels with icing or use cookies or doughnuts to form the wheels. For an added touch, insert mini lights as headlights, just be sure to take them out before anyone digs into to eat the cake.

Symbolism Cakes

Some cakes can hide a certain toy, or hint that someone is getting a car for her birthday. A cake can be in the shape of a car wheel, keys or just the front hood of a car. It can also be in the shape of a number plate.

You can hide a set of keys within the cake, after baking, as a surprise. Top a cake with a mini toy car that looks like an actual toy car a child is getting as a gift.

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