Decorating Ideas Using Black Leather Furniture

Updated April 17, 2017

Black leather furniture can be comfortable and neutral. Leather is a durable fabric that can withstand kids and pets. Leather furniture is expensive, so it can last for several years and transition into many different decorating styles. Black leather sofas can feel overly masculine or dominate a room. Decorate around your black leather furniture so it blends into your design style.


Leather furniture can dominate a room and make it seem cold or like you didn’t decorate. Add colour to the walls. Stick with light to medium paint tones to counteract the dark sofa. Almost any colour works with black. Black, red and white creates a modern colour palette. Black with shades of grey and tan can be soothing. Fresh paint on the walls will make the room seem finished.


Decorating with black leather furniture might seem more at home in a bachelor pad than a living room. However, with some living room decorating ideas, you can balance the masculine look of an item like a black leather sofa with the feminine. Add pillows and blankets to your sofa to soften the feeling. Look for ottomans with curvy legs or fabric details. Black can work with more feminine colours such as pink or lavender for contrast, too.


If your black leather sectional sofa seems too big for the space, break it up. Put part of the sectional in another room. Place smaller arm chairs across from the sofa to free up space while keeping the same amount of seating. The mismatched black leather sofa set keeps the eye travelling around the room. You can also turn the sectional into a couch and a love seat.

Theme Ideas

Black leather furniture may seem more at home in a theme room. Think of your black furniture as a little black dress, and dress it up. This makes your furniture choice look intentional instead of purely functional. Go for Hollywood glam with oversized movie posters and silver accessories. Black is often a popular colour in modern design, so contrast it with pop art and bright white. Add in texture in the form of chic shag rugs. Black is often seen in animal prints.


Bring black onto accent pieces. Accent pieces give your room more cohesion and carry the colour palette throughout the space. Look for a fabric or vase that has your wall colour with black. Ironwork is usually black. Damask patterns add an air of elegance and often use the colour black. Dark wood stain on the rest of the furniture pieces will relate to the black sofa. A zebra print rug or throw pillows will match the black leather sofa while giving the room vibrancy and pattern.


Black furniture may make a room seem dark. Use up-lights in the corner of the room to accent artwork or plant life. Mirrors keep light moving throughout the space. Candles and table lamps add ambience. This provides a moody atmosphere that will fit right in with your black furniture.

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