Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tamara from Sunland Hydroponics. And today, I'll be showing you how to grow vegetables in tubs. Now, first you want to take the little baskets that just sit right into these pre-cut holes of the top lid of the actual tub. You want to grab one of the baskets, and grab these clay pebbles that you could find at any garden stores as well. You don't want to fill it up completely, because we will be putting our baby tomato plants into here, and you want to make room and make sure that it'll fit in there snug. So, maybe three quarters of it should be enough. And then, you want to take a tub of water, and just kind of dip the basket in, so that the clay pebbles get nice and wet, and they rinse off the, you know, any extra clay residue. So, as you can see, they're wet now. And, you just want to plop it right in. You want to take the paper right off the baby tomato plant, and make some room for it, maybe take some out so you could put it on top. And, if you don't have enough, you could always rinse some more, and just lay that around, just so that it's enough to kind of cover the walls of the actual baby plant. And, if you have enough to just put on top as well, that's perfect, because these little clay pebbles is what's going to collect the water, and keep this nice and wet and soaked at all times. So, now you want to move the top lid over to where you can fill your reservoir. This is a 30 gallon tub, and you want to fill it to approximately 25 gallons, just enough to where it's touching the bottom of the baskets. And, you want it to be highly oxygenated, that's why you want it to kind of like barely touch. Once you've filled your tub up with the appropriate level of water needed, you want to start feeding them with the nutrients, and you just want to put the appropriate amount of nutrients that you're going to be using for the amount of gallon tub that you're using. These are eight inch air stones, that you want to just hang in here. They lay flat on here, and you want to just spread it out evenly at the bottom of your tub. And, what these air stones are going to do is, they're going to keep the oxygen flowing and bubbling in your tub in order for these tomato plants to get enough oxygen as they grow. Because this is a deep water culture growing method, they're going to constantly need oxygen. And, you could switch it up, dial it down, low or high. And then, you just want to put the lid right back on, and that way, it's just constantly flowing, the pump is aerating it. And, that's how you grow vegetables in tubs.