Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about taking care of Hydrangeas. Now, Hydrangeas are a beautiful shade plant, that give you lots of beautiful flowers throughout the summer. And, the materials that you will need, are a Hydrangea plant, and either a container or an area in your garden to plant them, or where they can grow. Step one, select an area that gets not deep, deep shade, usually a little bit of sun filtered through some Japanese maples is perfect, and plant your Hydrangea in that area. Make sure that the roots are covered, and the leaves are exposed, like a tree or a shrub. Next step, always cut out the dead leaves, or any leaves that don't look good, periodically, throughout the season. Always try not to cut out more than one-third at one time of your plant. Make sure and water your Hydrangea well, but let them dry out in between watering. And in the fall, they'll lose their leaves, and trim 'em back every fall about one third as well, and you'll enjoy their blooms each summer. It's such a beautiful plant.