Hi, I'm Stan Defreitas Mr. Green Thumb from askmrgreenthumb.com. Can you raise pears from seed? Well, yes you can. Typically though I'm going to tell you when you start getting seeds that had been self pollen-ized you may get something slightly different than the mother plant but that's okay. That's some of the diversity. You're going to open up your pear. Take the seeds out what you'll find in the center relatively small seeds. You're going to lay them on dry paper towel. Let them dry a couple of days and then go ahead and get ready to plant them into a good mixture. Usually a pea pearl like kind of a prune mix type mix. If you do that, you're going to have good results. At least I'm going to tell it's enjoyable to see the little pear grow up. Typically, they're going to be put before you put them into of a kind of a cool area so maybe in your refrigerator for a month in a plastic bag to kind of give it that idea of being under stratification. Typically in a while, they'll be in a layer of strata. They'll go through a winter season but you can kind of create that by doing it in your own refrigerator. Typically of course pears like it better in the cooler parts of the country but they can be grown some varieties even into lower areas of North to Central Florida. Pears are a great plant to grow. They relatively easy to grow with not too many problems. I'm Mr. Green Thumb Stan Defreitas.