Hi, I'm Ali Reynolds with Ali's Organics, and I'm going to give you a couple of home remedies for flies on plants. The first thing to look for is why are they there because sometimes you find a plant and you have a lot of flies on it especially if they're like a housefly, there's probably something around the plant or some decaying material that should be removed. So remove that first and if that doesn't take care of the problem there's some other choices that you can have. This is an insect killing soap, just an insecticidal soap and this is a concentrate, just use the recommendations on the back and dilute it with water. Just use a regular old spray bottle and squirt it right on your plant. Some other choices you can have, this is just a peppermint essential oil. You can get this at the health food store or Doterra and you'll just want to put some just regular old water in here and I actually do like to use reverse osmosis and just put in five or six drops right into your water there and you want to mix it up and you can actually use this in the house also. Make sure you shake it every time you go to use it again because it will separate and then just squirt this on your plant. This helps repel any of the flies that you have coming to your plants. A lot of times you'll have them on tomato plants too. You'll have the little tiny like gnats. This works really good just to spray right on the trunk of your tomato plant too if you've got problems there and it doesn't hurt it. I recommend spraying this during the evening time rather than the middle of the day when it's really hot because it could burn if you have too much in there but five or six drops to this isn't going to cause any problems. Some other choices that you could have is just to plant some herbs around because the flies don't have a tendency to like some herbs. So just sporadically put some herbs around in your vegetable bed. These are just some home remedies, natural choices to take care of flies in your vegetable bed.