Video transcription

Hi, I'm Robert Evans of Evans Hairstyling College in St. George, Utah, and today, I'm going to demonstrate how to use a clipper. Now, there's different clippers that I've, that I've showed before; but this clipper here we're going to use to do a little clipper cut on this mannequin head. There's also little attachments we can use. If we want to put attachment on here, just slip it on; turn that clipper on and just go right up the head. Take out the amount of hair that we want to take off; nice and slow. I prefer to have the hair wet; I think the clipper blade slides through the hair better if it's wet. That's just my preference. Some people like to do it dry. But, you can use guards and it, it keeps the length however you want to use it. But, I want to use a comb and with this comb, demonstrate how we use the clipper this way. Up and down this way, I cut the hair off; keep the hair from clogging up my blade. I'm just going to turn her head a little bit here, so we can see what we're doing. Start at the bottom, work our way up. If I angle my comb this direction, this direction, the farther I angle my comb, the longer the hair is up here. The closer I keep my comb to the head, the closer or the shorter it's going to be in the bottom. Start in the bottom here, work our way up. Working the clippers slowly so as not to pull the hair. The same, like you see in those army movies where they're just taken, go right over their head. Move it nice and slowly, keep the comb on an angle. It produces a little weight line right here; then you can decide what you want to do with the top. You can use a pair of shears or the clipper on top, working to a flattop, working to a full hawk. A lot of boys are wearing full hawks right now, or just take and clip the whole head. I'm Robert Evans, owner of Evans Hairstyling College in St. George, and that's how you use the clippers on a head or hair.