Hi, my name is Jay Smith from Community Dog Training. I'm here in Oracle, Arizona today to tell you a little bit about how to train an aggressive dog. You will need the following: clickers, dog treats. The first step in working with an aggressive dog is to identify exactly what it is they are aggressive towards. The two most common things that dogs are aggressive towards are humans and other dogs. The second thing to do when you're working with an aggressive dog is to teach some foundation behaviors, such as sit and eye contact in the home environment, and I like to use clicker training for that. Once I have taught those foundation behaviors in the home environment I then use those behaviors to find out how far away I need to be from whatever is causing the dog to display aggression. In other words how far away do I need to have that dog away from whatever is making it display aggression to be able to get focused to be able to get the dog to sit and give me eye contact. Once I figure out what distance I need to be at for the dog to focus on me, give me eye contact, sit for a treat then I slowly enclose that distance in small increments moving at the dog's pace with success. One thing that most people don't realize is that most aggression is based from fear. I'm Jay Smith and that's how to train an aggressive dog.