Here today to talk to you about grooming your pet. Grooming, just like anything else you do with your dog, should be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. There's all kinds of stuff you can use out there for your dog, everything from mitts and gloves, soft bristle, hard bristles, and everything in between. The ideal here is that whatever option you choose. A good example is puppies should start with what's called a soft bristle brush. This gets them used to the idea of being brushed, and it's softer on their skin and their delicate body, and makes it easier for everybody. Dogs that have longer hair and thicker coats should have something that's ideally designed for just that in mind. As an example, this curly tail brush helps get through the thicker fur and hair of larger dogs and long-haired dogs. As Bear is standing here, you'll notice he's not fidgeting. He's got his little toy in his mouth, so it makes it all fun. He's all interested in that and, in the meantime, he's not trying to bite me, he's not trying to wiggle, he's not squirming, he's not screaming bloody murder, and all the while we're going right through his entire body from top to bottom. This is a great time too to see if you see any little bugs squirming around, and you can also be looking for other objects, cuts and bruises in the meantime. So when we're all done, just like so, Bear is happy. His coat looks good, wherein it's all good. I'm Jim Leske and you're watching