Video transcription

Hey, how's it going? My name's Joey Vagnerini of Aussie Island Surf Shop in Wilmington North Carolina. I'm here to tell you about the best time to surf would be. The best time to surf is generally early in the morning or right at dusk, right before dark. The reason for this is because right in the middle of the day, especially in this area, there's a sea breeze that comes in which allows the wind to come on shore. It chops up the waves and usually makes the waves as small as they possibly can get during the day. The different parts of the day can always be different by the different swell patterns and wind patterns there are. Best time would be when the wave is off shore; it makes the surface of the water very calm and glassy with the waves more formed and you can see where you're going a lot better. it allows the wave to break a lot better. When it's on shore it's more section-y and there's little patches of waves that don't quite break as well. The reason for going very early in the morning would be the wind is very calm and there's a lot less people out in the water swimming and on the beach, which is the best time to really go out and give it a good try surfing. In the middle of the day there's packs of people out in the water and it's just a lot worse time to surf. Best time to surf in this area is hurricane season. There's many swells that come to our coast and allows for the maximum surf. Also in the winter time we have good swell as well. But in the summer times generally as it's the most surf part of the year it's generally the worst because there's not very many systems out in the ocean, not very many waves per swell. It's mainly trade wind swell blown by the on shore waves. It's just minimal surf pretty much all summer on the East coast. And that's the best time for surfing.