Video transcription

Hi I'm Dr. Peter Kramer from Wrightsville Beach Family Medicine in Wilmington, North Carolina. The question today is how to eat for a healthy liver. A good variety of fruits and vegetables, a good balanced diet and not too much iron in your diet are all good ways to eat for a healthy liver. The most important ways to eat for a healthy liver are do not eat things that contain liver toxic products such as alcohol, and medications. Drugs like over the counter Acetaminophens which is the brand name Tylenol, contained in many different products, headache remedies, cough and cold remedies things like that. It's very readily available, people take them all the time for things but they can be a liver toxic so we have to be careful how much Tylenol that people take in the coarse of a day. The recommended usual dose is about four thousand milligrams for the average adult in a twenty four hour period. But some people don't tolerate Tylenol at all and even a smaller dose can cause liver problems. The most important factor in eating for healthy diet to remove alcohol from your diet. Alcohol has no redeeming value, we've never really seen anything good come from it. There are some studies that say red wine and things like that may have some beneficial effects but none of those effects outweigh the toxic effects from alcohol. Alcohol is poison to the system. Every cell in the body that you place in alcohol will die almost instantly, where as you can take skin cells and any other cells and leave them in salt water bath twenty four to forty eight hours and they will live. So in order to eat healthy for your liver, exercise, a balanced diet that's got a good blend of carbohydrates, proteins and limit your sugars. Get regular exercise, avoid alcohol and those are some tips for eating for a healthy liver.