HI, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to tell you how to repair a hard drive crash. Now some ways that you can tell that your hard drive is getting ready to crash is if you encounter a lot of blue screens on your computer. It's a, basically a solid blue screen that has a lot of white error text on it or if your computer starts locking up when you're trying to access files and things like that. One of the first things that you need to do is restart; so let's show you how to do that. On your computer, just click your start button and click this little arrow right here that brings up the reboot menu. You can either shut down or restart; I will suggest first that you restart your computer; let it go all the way back down and then come all the way back up and see if that first fixes the problem that you're having. Now there's more advanced tip I'm about to show you; in your start menu again, let's click on computer. Now on Windows XP they'll say my computer. Now let's right click on our c drive and then go to properties. Click on the tools tab and then under the error checking menu, check now. Now in Vista you have to be an administrator to continue; that's normal; just click continue. Now what this is a check disc program that will scan the c drive for errors. You want to make sure automatically fix errors that encounters is checked and also check here for scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. That's going to take a little bit of time depending on the size of your hard drive; but you click start and because we're doing the c drive, it's going to pop up and say that Windows cannot check the disc while you're using it. The c drive is where Windows is installed, so it can't check it while it's running. So click on scheduled disc check and that's going to schedule a check to run the very next time we reboot. Click okay and click the X and click your start button and reboot your computer. Now what's going to happen is you'll see your manufacturer's boot screen as you're used to seeing and then as Windows starts to load, it'll jump into a scanning menu that will begin scanning your computer's hard drive for any problems and errors. Let that run through and let it boot up and see if the problems fixed. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to recover a hard drive crash.