Hi, I'm Steve Anthony. I'm a handyman here in New York City. High speed rotary tools for engraving is the quickest, easiest way to engrave shapes or letters, numbers onto materials such as glass or metal or even wood. Pretty much any surface that needs - that you want to do some engraved decoration to, you can use a high speed rotary tool. The most common one by brand is the Dremel, you'll find these in your home improvement stores, hobby stores, any place that sells electric tools would probably have a Dremel even, you know, some of your big box stores have them. Nice thing about using a tool like the Dremel is that it has a number of interchangeable bits. You can install cutting bits, sanding bits, engraving bits, as I mentioned. You can replace them easily if they wear out or break. And they're extremely versatile. There are plenty of books out there; there are patterns that you can get. You lay them out on your material and just run your engraving tool right over them and, as the engraver tears them up, it puts the - it reveals the pattern on the material. It's harder to describe than it is to do. It's something that you'd certainly would want to try; practice on another piece of material before you actually do it on the finished piece. But, with a little practice, anyone can use a Dremel tool and get wonderful results.