How to Set Fence Posts

Video transcription

Hi I'm Tim Gipson I'm going to talk to you about how to set fence posts. Now for demonstration purposes we're just going to use this post on the surface of the ground here but when we're actually setting these posts what we're going to do is we're going to dig a hole, we're going to make sure that hole is about 3 size the diameter. So if we're using 4x4 posts than we want to drill, drill or auger or dig out a 12 inch diameter hole and you got to make sure those holes are deep enough when you're setting your posts that it's below the frost line. So you can check with your local codes or conditions to see what that frost line is. Now when we get ready to set our posts, it's very important that we get our post what we call plum, which means that it's level straight up and down. So you can use a standard level such as this and get the bubble in between the two lines to center that post. Now another thing that I like to use is actually a post level which has your levels on two sides. So what we can do is we can take this, has a little rubber band and we can attach to this to the post and now we can hold our post and we've got bubbles on both sides so we can get it level. Now what you'll need is you'll need some temporary bracing when you're setting your posts. So you take any kind of scrap wood. What you want to have is you want to have one end that you can secure into the ground and then you want to have a longer piece. You simply want to nail this into your post. And then what we'll do is we will adjust the angle of our post until the bubble's in the middle and then we want to pound that into the ground and same on the other one. So you use these batter boards, any kind of scrap lumber, so you can set your post. Now once your post is what we call plum on both side, then you can pour your concrete in the hole and then once the concrete is setup, then you can remove these boards. So I'm Tim Gipson and that's how to set posts.

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