Video transcription

Let's talk about foods that help boost immune system in dogs. There are lots of foods these days that claim to boost immune system. And how are they doing this, basically it revolves around you know essentially fatty acids, omega three fatty acids, vitamin nutrition and supplements. Check with your veterinarian, your veterinary clinic to find out what are some of the best foods to feed your pet. A lot of these foods will say, good for the immune system or immune system booster and what they are really talking about overall is antioxidants a lot of those antioxidants come from fruit sources and vitamin sources things like that. There are vitamin supplements in all these diets pretty much because they are fortified to be nutritionally competent for your pet. And so a lot of these foods will help the immune system because they are fortified with vitamins. Talk to your clinic as well, there are some supplements probiotics such as things like that, that you can add to foods which are bacterial sources which can help boost the immune system as well.