Hi, this is Dr. Bob Pane, from Miami, Florida, at South Kendall Animal Clinic. Let's talk about how to relieve a dog's stuffy nose. Many things can cause a stuffy nose in dogs, allergies, foreign bodies, infections, viral or bacteria. Oftentimes, they have one side filled up or two sides filled at the nares. The nares is in the maxillary sinuses, very, very cavernous. It can fill up with blood, discharge. It could be an abscess tooth. Depends on the type of stuffiness that comes out. If it's a mucoid stuff we recommend maybe a vaporizer or a nebulizer at home. You can do that with just saline and water in a closed area for an hour or so and see if that relieves it. Sometimes, it's caused by ocular problems that drain into the sinus and cause a secondary infection, so you have to look at the eyes as well. If it's bloody or yellowish, like purulent discharge, we recommend going to your veterinarian because it could be an abscess. It could be a foreign body. It could even be a tumor. As you see on this demonstration here, the nasal cavity goes way back into the throat, and so, you could have something lodged up in the area of the pharynx causing discharge. You could have an abscessed tooth that goes into the maxillary sinus and causes discharge, so it's important to know that. It could be a minor problem or it could be a serious major problem. Major problems, again, are tumors, infections that are deeply sat set into the back of the maxillary sinus, and therefore, if it looks bad please go to your veterinarian or call your veterinarian because it may be something very, more serious that needs to be attended to. But, at home you can use eye drops, if the eyes are discharging, and see if that clears it out. You can use like Visine, very diluted, or you can just use nebulizer or vaporizer.